Artist’s Block and How to Beat It

Artist’s Block and How to Beat It

Karen talks about her recent move and the effect it had on her work.

Feeling stymied? In a slump? Disconnected from your work? You’re not alone.

We’re all familiar with writer’s block from the many cinematic clichés. The author sits at his typewriter or word processor, smoking and drinking and muttering profanities. The author fills a sheet of paper with a few tentative scrawls, wads it into a ball and tosses it into a corner, to join the many other balls of wadded-up paper. The author tosses her laptop into the Hudson, the Seine, the blue Pacific (well, I haven’t actually seen this one, but it can’t be long in coming).

But artist’s block? I can’t recall a single movie that features the painter/sculptor/video artist staring hopelessly into space or suffering a panic attack in the studio or moaning in despair at the works on the walls. And yet from the ten or so site members interviewed, it seems that artist’s block is not an uncommon thing.

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